Roof & Spray Painting

A fresh coat of paint on the roof of your home is a great way to increase the value of your property in addition to increasing the appeal of your residence.

Roof painting keeps your roof intact and provides longevity in the materials that make it up.
The appearance of your house will be improved by painting your roof at regular intervals. Depending on your location, the surrounding environment may cause lichen, mould and mildew to form which will result in damage to your roof. With good paint coverage there is a high reduction of algae, lichens and any other possible contaminants that could damage your roof.
With health & safety in mind, we ensure our men have harnesses or scaffolding is erected (dependant on access and roof) to carry out any work to the roofs.

Bromley Decorators have experienced tradesmen who are adept at roof painting and spray painting. When completing new residential projects, we will quite often bring the timber joinery back to our yard and spray paint them in order to achieve a high level of finish,. We have also completed projects for shop fit outs where new joinery has had to have been made, and spray painted in our yard as the time restraints put on these projects is short.

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