Surrealist Garden at the Hamilton Gardens

Date: 3 Feb 2020

Back in 2015 we were excited to be a part of building the giant pots in the Hamilton Gardens' new Surrealist Garden. There were plenty of challenges, but they were all overcome - and now that the talented team at Hamilton Garden's have worked their magic on them, they're a sight of wonder!

After years of hard work by a lot of different people, the garden is open to the public. Walking into the Surrealist Garden you're instantly transported into another place - it's how I'd imagine Alice might have felt when she arrived in Wonderland. The giant pots we worked on have tall, hand-like frames covered in greenery that twist and move and add to the magic of the space.

We had a lot of fun working on this - here's an article with a lovely write up about the garden and it's creator.

If you haven't been yet we highly recommend a visit - there's no entry fee and you'll have a great day connecting with nature.

Surrealist Garden at the Hamilton Gardens

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