Bromley Decorators are registered Author of Producer Statements with Build Waikato (which encorporates eight Councils in the Waikato region). Bromley Decorators are registered as licenced for waterproofing and intumescent coatings. These type of systems require involvement from the manufacturer and will also come with warranties.

Bromley Decorators are licenced applications for Equus plastering and waterproofing systems. Bromley Decorators can fix, plaster any exterior of any building. Bromley Decorators can also carry out interior plastering (gibstopping) to a Level 4 or 5 finish; whichever is required.

Bromley Decorators are also Producer Statement Authors with the Hamilton City Council, Waikato District Council and Waitomo District Council.

Bromley Decorators can also carry out the refurbishment work to your swimming pool. From sealing cracks, replastering joints and applying a fresh coat of paint complete with the manufacturer's warranty, your pool will look as good as new.

Bromley Decorators are also experienced in refurbishing squash courts. From plastering those unsightly cracks, acid washing and applying a special squash court coating - your court will look as good as new.

Bromley Decorators are also licenced applicators for intumescent coatings. We are registered with Build Waikato for the application of intumescent coatings.